What is UXtesting?

You get quick feedback of the users while they perform specified tasks/ use your product, you get their response on how and what they liked in your product and what caused hindrances or something was complex to use or confusing etc.

Who are the users doing the Tests?

The users on our panel are typical Internet users, not usability experts. They are normal people who have been screened to make sure they articulate what they are thinking as they browse.

How quickly will I get results or feedback?

Within 24 hours. Here’s the most common scenario: You request five tests—you’ll receive a couple of the results within the hour and all five within a few hours. One caveat: Requesting users with narrow demographics slows things down a bit because fewer users are qualified to do the test.

Who is UXTesting for?

When the actual users use/test your product, it gives a deeper insight about the product with respect to the perspective of the user. It gives you diverse reviews about the positives and confusing or not so user friendly perspective of the product. Many of our clients work for design and optimization firms, and they test both client and prospect sites and apps. It’s a very powerful pitching tool to show videos of real people using your product (followed by how you’d improve it).

Who are the users?

The users on our panel are typical Internet users, not usability experts. They are normal people who have been screened to make sure they articulate what they are thinking as they browse.

How do I apply to be a user?

Sign in here to be a user. If you are accepted, you’ll earn $10 for each website you test (unless the client isn’t satisfied with the results, in which case the entire fee is refunded, including your $10).

Can I test competitor’s website?

Yes, you can test any website. In fact, you can run a test where the user looks at two different websites–such as your website and a competitor’s–and tells you which they prefer and why. It gives a complete comparison hence gives a guideline to improvise holistically.

Can I test an app or website partially done or requires a password?

Yes. When writing your test, just warn the users that the site or app is only partially working, or that it requires a username/password.

What if I want to watch user tester’s sign up using a credit card?

You have two options: Tell them to go through the process of buying your product with a credit card, but tell them not to click the final “SUBMIT ORDER” button. Or, provide the user testers with a dummy credit card number that they can use.

Can I test my mobile app?

YES. iOS or Android, phone or tablet, in-a- store or unreleased, we’ve got you covered.

Can I pay u for website consultancy?

Yes, with  our Pro plans you can use our Research team to write test plans, watch and annotate videos and summarize key findings in a written report.

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